Avoid Anonymous Online Conference Ranking Sites

This is a site dedicated to exposing the scheme of some online anonymous ranking sites, including cs-conference-ranking.org and conference-ranking.net 
(.com and .org as well). My evidence shows that these two sites are created to promote specific multi-conferences and cannot be trusted. 

It seems that some institutes or researchers have begun to use their results to review applications and select conferences. My suggestion is: unless these sites disclose the people behind the ranking and disclose the methods and data for their ranking results, you should not trust them and use their results for any means. However, I do not endorse any ranking site even the above information is disclosed. Also, ranking results are always up for interpretation. This web page is created to express my personal opinion of online conference ranking, and I am not responsible of any damage to any person (or organization) because of the content in rankingexpose.com (this site). You can find my information here. 

Proven facts of conference-ranking.net:

This ring has several web sites, namely conference-ranking.net, conference-ranking.org and conference-ranking.com. I myself believe these sites are created to promote some conferences and hence should be ignored. Detailed facts about these sites can be found here.

Proven facts of cs-conference-ranking.org:

cs-conference-ranking.org does not list who created the ranking results and only listed contact@cs-conference-ranking.org as the contact information. Detailed facts about this site can be found here.

My suggestions on choosing conferences:

Everyone in the community is aware of fake conferences, but I think the new trend may be questionable rankings. Why do people want to provide ranking? Several reasons: first, conferences ranking high can attract people; second, people published in these conferences also get benefit and researchers tend to cite papers from high ranking conferences; third, it is easy to convince administrators that your work has high quality.

However, if you think a conference is of top quality but indeed it is not, your publication in these conferences will hurt you. Your high-quality paper that is publishable in a real high-quality conference may end up unnoticed. Even worse, when your proposals or Tenure & Promotion files are reviewed, the reviewers may question your overall quality if they see you have published in a questionable conference.

I want to express my own suggestions for publishing in conference, especially for young innocent researchers--please check the quality of a conference by common sense: 1) do you respect most papers published in the conference  (most papers of a good conference should be good right?); 2) how's the quality of the committee, do you respect most of them? 3) will your advisor or mentors publish in this conference? how's the opinion of most peers you checked? 4) who has published in this conference before and how's their publication record: I personally feel that bad conferences tend to attract people publish mainly in a very small number of conferences, these data can be found from DBLP; 5) when you submit, do you expect your paper to be rejected or accepted by this conference? If you have a doubt about a conference, do not try it, there are enough good CS conferences for you to choose from.